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Another way to build

BSCP owns and has developed the patent of the "BSCP Industrialized System for the construction of buildings with reinforced concrete panels". BSCP also owns the Document of Technical Suitability "DIT nº 398", granted by the "Instituto Eduardo Torroja", probably the highest international technical credentials in the construction industry which allows BSCP to construct with its system anywhere in the world.

Aside from that:

Any constructor can construct a building with the BSCP System because it is not necessary to use specialised workers and because it is not necessary to invest in factories, moulds and machinery or special teams.

At BSCP we are sure that the future in the construction industry is industrialization and we know that constructing a building with the BSCP system means:


The best architects already know what it is to build with the BSCP System:


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