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Cost information     

The construction of buildings with the BSCP System reduces costs.

BSCP carries out, along with its Industrialization Project, a thorough construction cost study, considering the special circumstances of each building works.

Document nº 1 of the Industrialization Project PDF document adapts the Architectural project to the BSCP System. This document not only includes a definition of how the building must be constructed, but also a cost study of the "Grey Work".

We define "Grey Work" as the one designed specifically for the BSCP System and which, together with what we call the white work, completes the whole building work process. To this effect the white work is defined as the work which includes land movement, foundations, drainage, facade and roof reinforcement for thermal insulation and the final finishes i.e. painting, fabrics, papers, flooring, plating and tiling and the execution of the electrics and plumbing installations and the woodwork.

To give an idea, we can say that, on average, the "Grey Work" of a 4.300m2 building is made up of the following materials:

For your information we can also state that:

Taking all this into consideration and by applying the unitary average prices of the area where the building is to be constructed, one can get an accurate idea of the average Grey Work costs of a promotion.

The pieces' manufacturing in a warehouse is similar to the one on the site. It is advisable to manufacture the pieces in a warehouse whenever:

The manufacturing of the pieces in a warehouse is less expensive due to the higher efficiency of the labour because of the better working conditions. However, the total cost of the "Grey Work" is slightly higher due to the transportation cost of the pieces from the warehouse to the work site.

It is very important, to achieve the costs indicated in the budgets of the three abovementioned promotions, that:

The costs saving achieved with the BSCP construction system, compared with the construction costs using traditional methods is backed up by the two following documents:

The costs saving depend on the type of building. Therefore a very simple building produces smaller costs savings (8,52% in the building studied by the Generalitat of Catalonia of Spain), whilst complex buildings' projects produce much greater costs savings (as much as 30% in the case of the project in Mataró according to the Council of Mataró in the province of Barcelona, Spain).