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Image of the project


Image of the project



Finished Works

Prisons of Texeiro and A Lama, La Coruña

BSCP carried out in 1998 the industrialization project, with its BSCP System, for the interns' units of two prisons in Galicia (Spain), at Texeiro, A Coruña and A Lama, Pontevedra.

Thus, the BSCP System was proved valid for construction, not only for housing buildings, but also for more specific buildings which require the latest technological advances, both regarding its infrastructure, as well as the environment.

Both projects were designed as self-sufficient urban poles, which were designed based in unit forms. The space was designed as an area which could allow the development of the person and the access to education, to professional training and to the development of cultural, sports and work activities, in order to facilitate the preparation for the cohabitation, as well as to try and decrease as much as possible the negative effect caused by the deprivation of liberty.


Images of the project:

Image of the project    Image of the project