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The Company

In 1908, Henry Ford made History. He revolutionized the automobile sector thanks to the industrialization. With him was born the model T: a car simple to drive, easy to repair and, what’s most important, inexpensive.

Henry Ford obtained, through the industrialization, what nobody had ever obtained before. He made accessible for everyone an object, which up until that moment, had been destined only to a few people.

Today, BSCP follows that same idea in the construction sector. BSCP makes it accessible for everyone. Because, at BSCP, we believe that industrialization is the future in the construction sector.


BSCP (Building System with Concrete Panel, S.L.) is a Spanish company which was created in 1995 with the idea to change the present construction concept or “traditional construction”, thanks to its BSCP System.

The BSCP System is a complete system for the industrialized construction of any type of building. This system manages to simplify as much as possible the different steps necessary for its construction, therefore reducing costs, construction times and improving the finishing’s quality.

The BSCP System, thanks to the ownership of the DIT 398 (Document of Technical Suitability) granted by the Institute Eduardo Torroja, complies with all the requirements of the Spanish Technical Construction Code, approved in March 2007 and can be used for all types of buildings everywhere in the world.

But BSCP not only has created the BSCP System, it can also take part in all the other construction steps, since it also:

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