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Presentation "Villa Touareg": Image of the project


Imágenes del proyecto: Image of the project


Image of the project


Image of the project


Image of the project









Developing works


BSCP has designed for Algeria “Villa Touareg”, a project to accommodate the expeditions of the Tuareg Heads of State invited by the Algerian Government.

Villa Touareg” couldn’t have a better location: twenty kilometres from Algiers, within the tourist resort “Zeralda”, 150m away from the Mediterranean Sea. All of it surrounded by commercial, sports and leisure areas.

The result is a residential complex with all the necessary comforts to satisfy its inhabitants’ most demanding criteria.

Villa Touareg” is made up of 18,000 built square meters within a 76,000m2 plot of land. This land is divided in two areas. One, 36,000m2, is meant to be for the head of state and the officials, and the other one is destined for the technical consultants and for the service staff.

The main area, the area for the head of state and the officials, is an area created to rest from the stressful daily life. It’s a place where the landscape and its surroundings become the main characters and create an atmosphere of soft harmony.

At the highest point of the complex is located the presidential palace, where the head of state will be accommodated with his family and staff. The palace will have the highest technology applied to the complex’s elegance and will include all the required areas for the reception of important political people.

The palace’s surroundings are beautiful and provide wonderful sights. It’s located around the main lake and back to back to the adjacent plots of land; therefore it gives the inhabitants the privacy their position requires.
The area for the officials is made up of 13 independent constructions. These houses will be similar to mountain bungalows. Each construction will accommodate one official and his family.

The whole main area, around the presidential palace and its lake, will have several theme gardens which will create multiple walkways accompanied by water plates and light games. Therefore not only the surroundings will be a guarantee for a perfect and luxurious stay, but also the experiences its inhabitants will earn during their journey.

The second area, which can accommodate 100 families from the technical and service staff, twists along a soft slope falling down towards the great lake, recreating a more recognisable urban environment.

Different streets will link the houses of the technical consultants creating a closer scale, more appropriate for social relations. In this area will be located most of the sports facilities: racket ball, tennis, basketball and football. All in all, a wide range of possibilities for leisure.

The main square has been designed as the central point, understood as a public area and access point, open to the use of the rest of the Algerian community. The main square will have an assured activity thanks to the introduction of shops and cafeterias on the ground floor. The houses for the delegation’s staff will be there as well, with a tight contact with the local inhabitants.

The access to the complex, in order to increase the security measures, will be carried out through two different independent entrances. The main one will be for the head of state and the officials and the second one for the technical consultants and the service staff. The entrances will be linked, connecting each one of the different areas and covering the limits of the plot of land, therefore acting as soundproofing and visual isolation from the other areas.

In the main square will also be located the reception, so each vehicle can enter the complex before proceeding to the parking lot. Therefore the square can also be the access to the complex. This will help to increase the security measures.

The common parking lot is placed in the lowest part of the land, away from the views, thanks to the location of a sports area in between. Another parking area in the outside will allow the hotel staff to leave their cars.

The whole ensemble makes up a hotel without it being a hotel, a park without it being a park, a city without it being a city. After all a space which seeks to offer its inhabitants a vital environment with double personality. It’s a space seeking to make their journey unforgettable.

Villa Touareg”: An ensemble which takes shape as a nucleus for the daily life.