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"Zirguez" Proyect Video:"Zirguez" Proyect Video

"Setak" Proyect Video:"Setak" Proyect Video



Images of Zirguez's Project: Image of the project

Image of the project



Images of Setak's Project:Image of the project

Image of the project






Developing works


BSCP has designed for the Government of the Kurdistan Region – Iraq – a project to build two cities in which 6,000 families will live and where, aside from houses, will be built all kinds of facilities for the citizens: hospitals, schools, green areas, sports centres, etc.

All the buildings will be built with the BSCP construction system which owns the international technical certificate “Document of Technical Suitability” granted by the Institute Eduardo Torroja. This certificate represents the best quality and reliability guarantee of the BSCP System.

The Project is made up of two cities located in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq – in the province of Sulaymaniyah, 200km away from Erbil.

The first city is located in the area of Zirguez, 15km south of Sulaymaniyah. This city, with a surface area of 2.650.000m2 has been designed as a great sports city and will accommodate 3,000 families of all social classes.

The city of Zirguez will have, as the city centre, a great sports complex with a surface area of 230,000m2.This complex will have a first class sports stadium as well as an athletics stadium, where will be practiced those sports with most public and in which can be held national as well as international championships.

In the stadiums’ area will also be constructed an aquatic sports centre with two Olympic pools (one in-door and one outdoor); 2 sports halls for in-door sports and outdoor courts for football, five-a-side soccer, basketball, tennis and racket ball.

Even though this city is mainly oriented towards sports, it will also have all the requirements to guarantee the inhabitants comfort and autonomy. For that purpose will be destined 162,500m2 for green areas, 27,400m2 for administrative areas, three commercial areas of 75,000m2 each and 109,000m2 will be destined for facilities and equipments such as hospitals, schools, cultural and leisure centres, transportation, etc. All of this will be constructed along with the 3,000 houses which will accommodate all types of families.

The other city is located in the area of Setak, 15km north of the city of Sulaymaniyah.

This city has a surface area of 2.500.000m2 and it will accommodate 3,000 families, like Zirguez. This means that 6,000 houses will be built in total between both cities. The city of Setak will have, as the city centre, a commercial, cultural and leisure centre which occupies an area of 71,000m2.

The complex is made up of 6 towers with an average height of 170m and 50 floors each; another 3 towers with an average height of 450m. The biggest one is 500m high and has 150 floors. The different towers will accommodate high standard offices, hotels, houses and luxury apartments, having for this an area for 30,000 parking places.

The whole complex counts a built surface area of 2,000,000m2 and will be a great tourist attraction centre for the whole country. It will be possible to watch a play at a great theatre or go shopping to the luxury shops avenue, walking by cinemas, cultural centres, auditoriums and museums.

As well as Site 1, this city will have all the required facilities in order to be able to live in it. For that will be destined 199,500m2, divided in two sectors, for green areas; 41,600m2 for administrative areas; a commercial area, aside from the cultural centre, of 29,200m2 and 6 areas with a total surface area of 115,900m2 destined, like in Zirguez, to build all kinds of facilities and equipments.

To accommodate the 6,000 families both cities will have different types of houses so all families from all social conditions can live in either one of the citie.



Types of houses: