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Image of a project Panels' manufacture

Image of a project Panels' transport

Image of a project Panels' assembly

Image of a project Installation on the site for the construction of the prison in Curtis, Spain. It is a very rainy area and it was necessary to prepare a cover for the panels manufacturing area.


Image of a project Installation for the housing project in Marató (Spain). In the inside yard and in the street all the pieces were manufactured on top of phenolic panels.


Image of a project Installation for the construction of the Evolutionary Basic Pole in Uruguay. The installation was fixed because the works were very small.


Industrialization Project

An architectural project is not enough documentation to industrialize the construction. Therefore it is necessary to develop and define it in depth through the drawing-up of an industrialization project to execute a virtual construction, which is specifically drawn-up for the industrialized execution of each construction work; hence executing the corresponding architectural project.

The Industrialization Project developed by BSCP obtains a virtual construction, through which it is possible to know exactly how the whole building is going to be before the works start. In the project are indicated the pieces to be manufactured, transported and assembled each day, therefore designing an assembly line.

BSCP is the first company exclusively devoted to the drawing-up of industrialization projects for the construction of any kind of building, thus being able to be the only company which constructs buildings the same way all the industrialized products are made.

The Industrialization Project is made up of the following document:


The Industrialization Project that BSCP carries out for the construction of any type of building, based on an architectural project, is the "guidebook" which allows any constructor without experience to carry it out in an industrialized way. Thus is achieved the following:


Today, BSCP is offering the best construction system - Spanish developed patents and property of BSCP- which has experience and the necessary international technical credentials in order to guarantee the best results in the buildings' construction sector