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Imagen de proyecto Detail 3

"Document nº4" of the "BSCP Project": it indicates the different joints required to unite the panels. In any case all the panels are welded together and then the joints are covered with concrete

About the D.I.T.

The prestigious Institute Eduardo Torroja (Official Spanish Institute which belongs to the Council of Scientific Investigations) has submitted the BSCP System to rigorous tests PDF document with satisfactory results. And as a consequence of those results the Institute has granted to BSCP the certificate "DIT Nº 398R"PDF document which is recognised worldwide and defines the System technically.

The certificate "DIT Nº 398" states that "the BSCP System is technically suitable to be used in the construction of any type of building." This was determined by a commission of experts formed by representatives of the following companies and organizations:

Therefore any building constructed with the BSCP System is approved by the Technical Control Organisations -OCT- which exist in the countries in the international community, to guarantee the construction quality of the buildings.

Together with these companies and organizations, prestigious architects also back up the BSCP System: