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BSCP’s Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility means universal access to a website, regardless of the type of hardware, software, net infrastructure, language, culture, geographical location or capacities the user might have.

With this idea was born the initiative Web Accessibility, also know as WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative). It’s an activity developed by W3C, seeking to facilitate the access to internet for disabled people, developing accessibility guidelines and improving the tools for web accessibility evaluation and repair. This initiative carries out an educational work and seeks to increase the awareness in regards to the importance of websites’ accessible design and to open new access ways in this area through investigation.

The main idea lies on making the web, as well as its information, more accessible to all its users, regardless of their circumstances and the devices involved when trying to access the information. Starting from this idea, an accessible website will be so both for a disabled person as well as for any other person whose external circumstances might make it difficult to gain access to the information.

BSCP has designed this website in accordance with the guidelines established by Web Accessibility. Therefore in our website we have chosen to lose “design”, “style” and “modernity” to gain other values which we consider more important.

At BSCP we believe that no disability should create barriers and that any door should be accessible to EVERYONE.